Get Ready for “Back to School”

Yes , its closing up on us and quick !!. The back to school is getting close again. Lots of us are enjoining vacation to the fullest in the beaches, family reunions , relaxing at home or somewhere like the Bahamas and Mom’s dealing with the most precious vacation disasters at home. But in all honesty this is the most wonderful moment for kids, they get to spend that family time with Mom and Dad enjoy with the brothers and also get to be spoiled even more by Grandma and Grandpa. So bottom line it’s worth it for all of us. Enjoy it the best you can. “Now don’t let that vacation distract you of getting ready for the back to school season”.

Why wait until last minute to get that school supply list that’s been at your school website since last semester. Why not take care of it ? . Let that proactive in you come out  and tackle it on your vacations down time. The E-commerce will come in play here. Most of the time these items will come straight to your door within a few days if not 24hrs make sure you look at the estimated shipping time and from where the item is being shipped. If  I can recommend a company it will be Amazon the largest and trusted  E- commerce Retailer in the US with a large variety of Items to offer . If you are new to the online shopping I will be honest it’s very scary out there with all of these non trusted online sites. I won’t blame you for feeling skeptical about the online shopping but again Amazon is a well known company  they have a very high sellers standards and also a 100% guaranteed buyer protection. So if you will like to drive by the popular local store and smile at them be proactive and start taking care of that list today. Click links below to start.

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Amazon ready for the food chain war

img_0981The Company Amazon just announced that a super deal was made with the food chain “Whole Foods Market”. Amazon agreed on buying the company for the amount of  $13.7 billion dollars as reported today.

Amazon and Whole Foods share holders agreed on this extraordinary deal. Now with all the rumors of German companies and other foreign companies looking on moving in with they mega food chains in to the US it was not surprising that Amazon will try to compete or overall take control of the game in the US with they now Competitor in the Food market known as Walmart.

The food chain war has been boiling for a couple of month now with Walmart price matching, delivery etc. Aldi and Traders Joe’s two brothers fighting for the US market with a combined of 2000+ stores around the Nation also the recently announcement of the German Lidl ( Shwarz Group retail Largest retail company in Europe) looking to integrate more than 200+ store on the Eastern side of the Nation but after Amazon’s mega deal, all of the companies strategies and future plans will have to be changed.

Back to the future “self lacing shoes”back from the past to make price record in the future. 

Ladies and gentlemen if you remember this scene of the movie “Back to the Future 2 ” released in (1989) you will know about these great futuristic self lacing Nike shoes that we all dreamed of having one day.

Inspired on this particular movie the replica of Nike Mag was created and also sold in a Auction named “Heritage Auction”.

for the record price of $52,500 USD the highest sneakers sold in a public auction.

Yes , That amount for just a pair of sneakers !!! 

Image: Nike Mag


Microsoft XBox One X first look 


   Xbox gamers at last the time you’ve been waiting for it’s here. Microsoft just      revealed today the world’s most powerful 1 TB console ever made.

Microsoft said: “This console is made with 40% more power than any other console. Xbox One X  will unleash  6 teraflops  of  graphics processing power. Having better Graphics than any other out there so far.”

They promise that this console will make your mind blow away with  2160p frame buffers, premiere audio with 3D spatial sound and stream clips in 4k at extremely      fast 60fps.

Also all regular Xbox games will work with this Xbox One X this will be the official competitor of PS4 Pro  at a  retail of  $499.99. So gamers, it your time to experience a now even better gaming experience with this new Xbox one X. 

“Feel free to comment your gaming experience here after your first game. 


New Apple “Horizon” screen repair machine






Apple reported  that the company  will be launching “Horizon” a new screen repair machine. This machine will be one of a kind fixing your devices in a matter of hours not days like we are use to. Apple promises that the devices  after repaired will look like its fresh out of the box again , (Pretty interesting right ?). Now this will give you a peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about breaking your iPhone because they will fix it at a store near you faster than ever.

“Horizon” in fact is new to the public but its been working behind scenes for sometime now in “test shops” ,”Apple retail stores” and even in Best Buy to be  exact in the city of Miami. One of the positives of “Horizon” is that you won’t have to worry about your warranty being voided after fixing your device in the shop around the corner.Yes they will possibly void your warranty if it”s not and authorized dealer so be careful.

Apple discussed that “Horizon” will be at 200+ of the 4,900 authorized repair companies they have so far and planning on having more than twice that amount by the end of 2017 adding to the almost $2 billion dollars they brought in fixing broken iPhone in 2016.