Microsoft XBox One X first look 


   Xbox gamers at last the time you’ve been waiting for it’s here. Microsoft just      revealed today the world’s most powerful 1 TB console ever made.

Microsoft said: “This console is made with 40% more power than any other console. Xbox One X  will unleash  6 teraflops  of  graphics processing power. Having better Graphics than any other out there so far.”

They promise that this console will make your mind blow away with  2160p frame buffers, premiere audio with 3D spatial sound and stream clips in 4k at extremely      fast 60fps.

Also all regular Xbox games will work with this Xbox One X this will be the official competitor of PS4 Pro  at a  retail of  $499.99. So gamers, it your time to experience a now even better gaming experience with this new Xbox one X. 

“Feel free to comment your gaming experience here after your first game. 



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