Amazon ready for the food chain war

img_0981The Company Amazon just announced that a super deal was made with the food chain “Whole Foods Market”. Amazon agreed on buying the company for the amount of  $13.7 billion dollars as reported today.

Amazon and Whole Foods share holders agreed on this extraordinary deal. Now with all the rumors of German companies and other foreign companies looking on moving in with they mega food chains in to the US it was not surprising that Amazon will try to compete or overall take control of the game in the US with they now Competitor in the Food market known as Walmart.

The food chain war has been boiling for a couple of month now with Walmart price matching, delivery etc. Aldi and Traders Joe’s two brothers fighting for the US market with a combined of 2000+ stores around the Nation also the recently announcement of the German Lidl ( Shwarz Group retail Largest retail company in Europe) looking to integrate more than 200+ store on the Eastern side of the Nation but after Amazon’s mega deal, all of the companies strategies and future plans will have to be changed.


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