New Apple “Horizon” screen repair machine






Apple reported  that the company  will be launching “Horizon” a new screen repair machine. This machine will be one of a kind fixing your devices in a matter of hours not days like we are use to. Apple promises that the devices  after repaired will look like its fresh out of the box again , (Pretty interesting right ?). Now this will give you a peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about breaking your iPhone because they will fix it at a store near you faster than ever.

“Horizon” in fact is new to the public but its been working behind scenes for sometime now in “test shops” ,”Apple retail stores” and even in Best Buy to be  exact in the city of Miami. One of the positives of “Horizon” is that you won’t have to worry about your warranty being voided after fixing your device in the shop around the corner.Yes they will possibly void your warranty if it”s not and authorized dealer so be careful.

Apple discussed that “Horizon” will be at 200+ of the 4,900 authorized repair companies they have so far and planning on having more than twice that amount by the end of 2017 adding to the almost $2 billion dollars they brought in fixing broken iPhone in 2016.